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Ekim 12th, 2013

Robot your transportation

Ninebot is the most amazing transportation tool. You can get driving pleasure by controlling it with your body’s balance, just lean forward and backward. Ninebot is able to sense the driver’s posture and keep itself balance. You can connect it with your smart phones via Bluetooth to have remote control or intelligent diagnosis of your ninebot. The carry weight of Ninebot-E with no operation bar is only 23.5Kg, even a lady can manage it. It can also be equipped with 670Wh high capacity battery, which makes Ninebot’s milage increases to 30-45Km.

Get your car a companion

Ninebot’s operation bar can be easily taken down, and the mainframe of Ninebot is only about 20 Kilos. It can be easily put into the trunk of different cars. Therefore, you can take your Ninebot everywhere with a car.

With Ninebot, no worries of traffic jams and slow walking

Ninebot is the best choice for 1-10 Km short-distance travel. With a max speed of 20Km/h, great shock absorption and grip performance of the 16-inch Michelin tires, Ninebot can smoothly pass speed bump and bunkers. The electric cost of 1 Km is only 1 cent. The Most attractive point is that you have reached your destination while others are stuck on the road by traffic jam.

Elegance, quality and sincerity

Even the remote key is designed with bone china and silver texture that is so sleek and dropping. The four amazing buttons cover all the common functions. We provide an individual jewelry box for the Ninebot remote key, which makes the key look like an artwork, you can even wear on your chest. Each Ninebot is equipped with 2 keys, you will always have a backup.

Fun and easy

Ninedroid App is now available in Apple App Store and Android Marketplace. It has the function of car dashboard, remote control, wonderful record sharing, online diagnosis and service, customization of your Ninebot, and more function in the future. Ninedroid makes your Ninebot fun and easier to use.

Reinforce packing

Ninebot’s packing passed the test of savage transportation. It withstands freely fall down or being thrown down at the height of 1.5m, with different angles, ending with no internal breakings. Packing is also a part that we care.
Main Frace packing size:
Operation bar packing size:

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