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Ninebot highlight

Ekim 12th, 2013

Passive safety design

Safe driving is always the first priority for Ninebot team.
Per the dual redundant technology from aerospace field, the other
system takes over all the work and ensures safety if one is in mal-function.

Positive safety design

Automatic speed limit/alarm

Ninebot smart limit system calculates a max speed based on battery power and driver’s weight to ensure safe driving. Once surpassing the max speed, Ninebot will fade away gradually, limit the speed and ensure your safety.

Fast retrogression alarm

Ninebot can detect the speed of retrogression and will vibrate and alarm if it is too fast.

Over loading alarm

Ninebot will vibrate and alarm if the output power is close to the safety margins.

Smart alarm

Heat backup system malfunction, low power, mainframe overheating, out of safety range, etc. will lead to smart alarm and automatic slowing down.

Lighter, faster, stronger

High rigidity and strength resin steel composite hub and alloy steel plug together with German BAYER rim and spoke endow Ninebot great shock absorption and toughness performance, while the total weight is only 1 kilo.
With the magnesium alloy skeleton, which is 15% more intense and 35% lighter than the Al-magnesium alloy one, Ninebot frame is only 1.7 kilos.
Ninebot battery consists of TESLA Model S super lithium battery cells, which is 50% more powerful than the ordinary ones. Two separate battery packs form the redundant power battery, which provides a double safety for your driving. Furthermore, Ninebot battery has the certificates of UL, UN38.3. It can be transported by express companies such as UPS, FedEX, etc.

Elegance, quality and sincerity

Ninebot can be equipped with different colors of decorative wheel covers——sea blue,wine-red and lime.
Each Ninebot you see is after deliberate design, precise manufacturing and strict testing. It takes two years and dozens of edition to present you elegant, durable, comfortable and safe Ninebot.
Ninebot remote key is very firm. You can always put it in your pocket or wear on your chest. Every pressing gives you good hand feeling and blue light remind.

Less carbon emission than walking

Highly efficient sine SVPWM motor control technology and gearing, ultra-low weight vehicle body, automatic electronic system recycling of the braking and deceleration energy, ending up with a zero-emission and super low-carbon transporter.

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segwayland ltd sti .

we are the BEST WAY